• 16 November 2020
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The last few galleries I have tried to upload, have been extremely slow! Like all night type slow. I recently downloaded the desktop uploader because I saw that is supposed to be faster and it is still taking a really long time. Is there any one else dealing with this? Does it have anything to do with the amount of galleries I already have in Shootproof?

1 reply

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Hi @AdaraJade,

I’m sorry you are having issues uploading your photos. I just uploaded a gallery last night and didn’t have any issues. I would first check your internet speed and make sure there isn’t an issue with your upload speed at home. Sometimes there can be issues with slow uploads but you don’t notice the problem because your download speeds are still normal (Comcast is notorious for this). If that is fine and you are still having an issue, I would reach out to the support team and see if they can help troubleshoot your issues.


Hope this get your in the right direction!



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