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  • 22 February 2021
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Hello!  I am starting into school photography. I would like to find a way to offer the pictures online as well. Is there a way to send pictures to each parent, but only have it so that they can see their child? I would be working with school with about 300 kids, so hopefully something easy and convenient. Also, how will taxes work with schools? The schools in NY state are tax exempt. Does anyone here work in NY with schools and know how to deal with taxes? Thank you!

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hi @AmyLatin! For tax advice, I 100% recommend working with a local CPA to get set up. They’ll know your local laws and the intricacies of how to handle tax exempt schools. 

For sending photos to parents - there are a good amount of school photographers using ShootProof to deliver! We recommend having each kid in their own album within a gallery, and turning album passwords on. 

Think of albums as folders within the gallery. They can be password-protected if you need them to be! Also, if you have two kids who are related, the parent will only have to place one order. If you put them all in separate galleries, they'll have to place two orders. 

Use our Desktop Uploader to upload the gallery all at once. If the photos are all in one folder on your computer and each kid is in a subfolder, the Uploader will create the albums based on the subfolder, and put the photos in the album. Here's all a video that shows you how that albums/gallery deal works: watch here.

Have parents submit the last four digits of the phone number or the kid's birthday in 4 digit form before the shoot, and you can assign those as the gallery password. That way, you'll send the gallery out to everyone at once when the photos are ready and they'll already know the password. You can even include a hint in the email to everyone ("Hint: Password is your child's DOB"). 

This is a lot of info, and just one way to do this. It’s entirely possible other school photographers have found other workflows that work for them, so hopefully someone will share! 


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