Pricelist + shootproof + millers albums workflow

  • 25 September 2020
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Is it as simple as sending an invoice from shootproof to client, transferring funds to my bank then order album and prints/canvas directly through millers? 

How does having a pricelist come into play with this process?

Am I missing something? 

I'd prefer not to use platforms like fundy or albumstomp at this time

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Hi @SaraiIB,

Unless you are trying to do something else that I am missing - it is as simple as that :) Here is the difference between using a pricelist vs. the process you seem to be doing. Each studio has a Studio Price, this is YOUR cost to use the Lab. You can also setup a pricelist for that lab so your clients can order directly from the lab. This is where you would set your pricelist and if the lab cost is $1.00 for a 4x6, you would set the clients cost at $10.00 (for example) and they can order products directly from the lab through their gallery at your markup prices.

If you are billing the client through an invoice for all products, they would pay the invoice, you would transfer the funds from ShootProof, and then you would go into the lab and order the products from your Studio link and only pay the lab costs for the products, essentially bypassing your own pricelist.

This gives you flexibility for self-fulling your own orders or letting the clients order from their own gallery or both!

I hope this answers your question, let me know if there is anything else I can help out with :)


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