Portfolio not integrating properly

  • 13 November 2020
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Hello! Does anyone know what I can do to fix this issue? My portfolio is chopped off and clients can’t see anything but the first 1.5 rows.


1 reply

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Hi @NicoleBruce 

It looks like you are trying to integrate your ShootProof gallery into your website using an <iframe>, am I right on that?

The issues with using <iframes> is that it is either a fixed size or you have to enable scroll bars. If you set your iframe at a fixed size ie, 800px and the source is beyond that, it will clip it off (as such in your screen). You need to add scroll bars into your code to counter this problem; however, that may introduce and undesired result.  If you don’t want the scroll bars, you have to limit your gallery to fit inside the limits, but remember not everyone’s screen size is the same so someone else may have the same issue.


Here is the code:

<iframe src="http://yourshootproofgalleryhere"  width="1200px" height="100%" scrolling="auto">



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