Is Snapizzi running again?

  • 15 February 2021
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Hi all, 


I have been one of the lucky Snapizzi users over the last 3years.

Are they taking on new customers again?

They had changed their home landing page to “not taking on new customers” but have recently changed this, and it looks like they are setting up to operate again. Does anyone have any news? 


I have been using the service but there has been zero customer service available. When I saw this update, I sent them a text to ask what had changed but I haven’t heard back from them yet. 

I have been considering changing set up for some  time now but always end up in the same place with the various drawbacks of competitors. 

Any info welcome. 

2 replies

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Thanks 🙏. 

Snapizzi is bugging for us this week (and last).

We have no choice but to move to Proofpix, a competitor of Snapizzi, but also of Shootproof. We would love Snapizzi to work or for an alternative plugin to launch.

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This is the most recent information we have: 

We’re watching to see what happens, just like everyone else. 



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