How to calculate shipping costs to add to invoice

  • 28 June 2020
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I’ve spent a few months transferring 15,000+ images from smugmug to galleries in shootproof.


Getting close to go  live - price lists applied etc., and I’m dropping in to Loxley Labs.


I can’t work out what happens regarding shipping prices? Does that come out of my profit or  is it added to the clients’ bill automatically based on their order?


Best answer by MikeMcSharry 28 June 2020, 17:28

Ha - I think I’ve found the  answer..


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3 replies

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Ha - I think I’ve found the  answer..


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Hi @MikeMcSharry,

You found your answer before I could post :) That is exactly how I handle my shipping, the lab calculates it and handles it all and it takes a big load off of you.

Glad you got it figured out!



@Matt Specht could you answer a question for me. I also have a price sheet set up via loxley labs but was wondering do I need to enter a sales tax for this? Or does the lab also take care of that for me?


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