How to add Self-Fulfilled Digitals to Packages

  • 23 December 2020
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Hi all. I’m actually permitting the purchase of packages on my galleries. Those are low jpeg files non-postproducted, so I don’t want a customer to receive download link after submitting and paying an order for a package. This because I still have to photoshop all files he/she chooses and order from gallery and I will send back to him with wetransfer after post production. Is there a way to avoid download of digital files in packages? Thanks

1 reply

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Hey @MarcoBodini, there is a way to do this! There’s a few steps to take, but I’ll try to keep it simple!

First, you need to set up Self-Fulfilled Digitals on your price sheet. To do this,  go to your price sheet and click on Digitals under Item Groups on the left side of the screen, and Add Self-Fulfilled Digitals using the button in the top right corner. Add your Item Name and Price. I recommend doing a single image, it will be easier to select the image in the package. 

Once you’ve saved the item, go to your Packages and select the Package you want to edit or Create a Package. Under Package Items, choose Digitals in the drop-down menu, then use the disclosure triangle to reveal your Self-Fulfilled Digital, and add the desired quantity to the Package.


When the client places the order, it will not send the files since they are Self-Fulfilled. Once you complete the editing, you can send them to your client! 


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