High volume photography

  • 16 November 2020
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I was wondering how fast can you create 500 album in one school gallery… I did one by one in lightroom to put the name of each child. Is there a way to improve my workflow?

I know scans and bare codes and apps but this would not work with shootproof I think?

If somone could tell how they do this without loosing their mind :)


Thanks in advance for your time!



2 replies

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You would have to title each image and album separately and by hand. It’s likely that your exporting program will title images, but you would still have to make each album separately. It seems like a lot of work, this is what I would do:

  1. finish edit, save photos with titles you want.
  2. add album to gallery
  3. select the photos, upload to gallery>album
  4. set album cover (optional), limit download to specific client email (optional)

Price sheets, watermarks, and sales can be automated. Restrictions can be placed on each album in the gallery so clients can’t view each other’s photos. 


Thank you. This is what I did 500 times by using lightroom. But I was wondering if any user on shootproof was making high volume photography and how they proceed each time :)


Thank you again!


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