Facebook Mobile Browser is inadvertantly hiding the download/favorite buttons

  • 12 October 2020
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The facebook mobile app opens any links from Facebook in its own browser (“Facebook Mobile Browser”)  Just recently they’ve added an overlay at the bottom with a button that says “Send” to share links in Facebook Messenger.   This little overlay eventually hides on some pages, but it does not hide when viewing a single photo in a shootproof gallery.  This overlay covers/hides shootproofs’ Download and Favorite options and clients can no longer see them!

I know this browser isn’t on the list of supported browsers but its so integral to the flow of user traffic.  Contacitng Facebook directly seems like a futile effort, even though this may technically be there fault.  Is there anything shootproof can do on their end to make the user experience better?

I have seen this using the facebook app on an android phone. I can’t speak for ios.

1 reply

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Hi @KimHiggins! This does sound like it would be frustrating for folks who do use Facebook messenger to communicate with clients. This might be a good suggestion for the Share Your Ideas forum where others can comment on it and it can get some votes.


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