Day 4: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof

  • 13 November 2020
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Day 4: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof
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Your offer details are set. Time to market!

By now you should have been through days 1-3, where we determined your offer, selected your date, prepped your price sheets.. now it’s time to get the word out about your upcoming special offer!


Email campaigns do the work for you.

Have you used ShootProof’s Email Campaign Templates? A campaign is a series of emails that, once assigned to a gallery, send to visitors of that gallery that meet your campaign criteria. If you haven’t used Email Campaigns before, or need a refresher, we have a quick 5 minute video or a longer webinar walking you through them here.

If you’re already familiar with Email Campaigns, jump right in. Using the Portrait Email Campaign template, customize each of the 4 emails according to the outline above. 

Now, this is not what these templates are designed for; we are doing a bit of hacking to make this process easier. What should the emails say? If you’ve written emails for limited time offers before, you may be able to re-use some of that copy! Don’t overthink it- consider the prompts above, and create 4 quick emails in your brand voice. The direct and concise. 

The sale date you picked will determine your email send dates. Start with the sample below and adjust as you need to. 


You might be thinking that this step is easy, or that this is the most challenging step. How are you feeling? Do you have time-tested emails you can plug & play, or are you starting from scratch? Tell us below!







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