Day 3: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof

  • 12 November 2020
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Day 3: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof
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We’ve made it to the halfway point!

Whether you’re following along in real-time, or binging these sessions all in one day, Day 3 is the halfway point of our strategy & instruction. If you’re just finding us, take 20 minutes and catch up with Days 1 and 2 (the links are at the bottom of this article) before diving into day 3. 


So far, we’ve picked the best offer for your capacity and your clients, we’ve set up our price sheets (or have a plan on the best way to do so), and now it’s time to, well, set some timing parameters!

Which sales holiday is best?

There are 3 well-known sales holidays coming up this month. Consider your customer base, your family plans, and your capacity for fulfilling orders to narrow down the offer that fits best this year. 


Great, you’ve made your choice or offer and date! 

Let’s do a mid-week check in. Grab a sheet of paper or open a fresh document and get the work you’ve done so far onto paper.



Write out the details of your offer:

  • What products are included in your offer?
  • If you’re doing a limited package, what products and what is the price?
  • If you’ve picked a new product, what is the price? (For both of these, make sure you’re pricing profitably)
  • Are any products getting a discount? Which products and how much?
  • What is your offer date?

Now that you have your details, line up your next steps:

  • Do you need to order a new product?
  • Take photos of your new package?
  • Review days 1 and 2 if you haven’t
  • Get ready to build your email campaign!

We want to hear from you: which offer did you pick? Has this series been helpful? Let us know in the comments!




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I need some advice for the wording of my email. I am offering a huge discount for photo prints to my customers that have already ordered in the last year. Here is what I have so far. I would love suggestions. I think I I will send the email the weekend before so they know to look for their gallery coming. They resend the email with their gallery link on Friday night. Should I give them an example fo pricing? Maybe say photos will be offered at a 70% discount to entice them? Thanks in advance for your help.


I am celebrating Small Business Saturday on  November 28!

I will be having an unprecedented sale.I am allowing you to take full advantage of the lowest prices my professional printing lab have ever offered.  So you need  photos for a gift?  This is the perfect to get your Christmas shopping finished or buy a few stocking stuffers for friends, family, and grandparents. These are printed on the same hight quality paper and with the finest inks available.

I have reloaded your gallery on November 28 for 3 days to give you a chance to order any of the photos you would like to purchase.  Now is the time to take advantage of this sale and get those photos that you really wanted. Be sure to look in your inbox for your gallery link on Saturday, November 28!

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Hi @CandiceGanzel ! I’m sorry, I missed this notification. Hopefully I’m not too late in helping you out! 

Since you’re asking for help, I’m going to share my thoughts.  The first thing I noticed in reading through your copy is the word “I” at the beginning of each section.  Can you find a way to make the offer centered on your client? Donald Miller of Story Brand encourages marketers to make the client the hero of the story. One way of doing this with your copy is “Let’s Celebrate Small Business Saturday Together!” This invites your clients into the celebration with you. 

In the second part of your email, start with the value for them - the value isn’t the discount, the value is the perfect gift, the stocking stuffers, etc. Give them an idea of what those items are: is it a print, a canvas, a product that will fit in a stocking? Tell them what to buy, then tell them about the discount. 

Explaining the process here is a great idea,  but consider re-reading this and spelling it out a bit more. “On November 28 your 2020 family portrait gallery will be open for 3 days! Don’t miss this one-time window - add (your email address here) to your contacts list to be sure the access email lands in your inbox!” Making sure your timing words align helps provide clarity.

A final thought- with a  discount that steep, are you still profiting? 70% is a VERY generous offer, but consider if a discount that steep is potentially harming your sales. I don’t know your pricing structure or client base, you know them best! 

I hope this helps! 


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