Day 1: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof

  • 9 November 2020
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Day 1: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof
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Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is almost upon us! Do you have a plan? We’ve got you. Watch the video or read on below. 


Every day this week, we are going to walk through the steps you need to set up a special limited offer you can use for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday. 

Step one: Choose Your Offer!

In the video, more in-depth ideas and options are discussed for each of these ideas:

The offers suggested meet these criteria:

  1. Easily executable within ShootProof
  2. Flexible- can work across different photography niches
  3. Lead with value for your clients

Which of these offers should you choose?

Start by considering your brand values, your clients, and how to best serve them. 


Let’s talk about this in the comments. Which offer best aligns with your brand values and serves your customers? If it’s a new product, what are you going to offer? What type of package are you going to build? Make the decision today, and tomorrow we are going to set up a price sheet for this offer! 




What is your Black Friday 2020 offer?

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Truth be told I need to build my portfolio for Maternity and Newborns so I will be offering a Limited Time package for either session type, priced right for gifting! If it’s more than they want to spend, or it is a Family or High School Senior client they can purchase gift certificates for any denomination good for the whole year 2021, and the client will get a free gift upon redemption (usually an 8x10).

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I don't normally offer digitals, unless they purchase a product, but people need Christmas photos and it’s super easy. So, I’m going to offer downloadable files. I also only offer one size (8X12) gift print (meaning not framed and gift wrapped) so I’d like to also offer an 11X14 gift print. Also I’d like to add gifted storybooks. Smaller versions of the original storybook design and with no digital files… just the 9X6 book gift wrapped. 

Are these too many new products to introduce? I have all the examples, because I want to add them to my 2021 product list.

Not sure about the digitals being offered like this in 2021… I want to focus on products.


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@Melissa Read Healy  Please forgive the delay- I had an entire response typed out and my computer decided to update & restart. *le sigh* 

In my opinion, this is really only one new product- you’re adding an additional size of an existing product and a new 9x6 book. If it works for your business, go for it. I think the most important part is helping your clients visualize the product in their home & space, which is why I believe sample images are key!

I totally understand your hesitation about offering digitals and focusing on products. There’s a fine balance to offering both - we are in such a digital age and digitals are so easy to share, but products are visible and important! The way I strike that balance is that when a client purchases an album, they receive the digitals of the photos in the album. 


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@Jill Nissen  I love this! I called out your offer in the Day 5 (i think) video. Such a great way to leverage this for what your business needs!


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Thank you! I hope it inspires someone else


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