Cover your....with Contract Templates! ✅

  • 26 March 2020
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Cover your....with Contract Templates! ✅
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Contracts help establish great client relationships. :raised_hands_tone3:

Contrary to popular opinion, contracts are not about staying out of court or being a hardcore meanie. Contracts are, in fact, all about building healthy relationships with your clients.

But contracts are full of legal mumbo-jumbo! Won’t they scare off potential clients?

Turns out, contracts have the exact opposite effect on clients.

Contracts set the stage for better relationships, clearer expectations, and more referrals.

Set up your contract templates in just a few minutes.



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@Rachel - I purchased the LawTog portrait and model release contracts and got them all setup over the last couple of weeks. All I can say is Wow! Once I setup my templates for contracts and invoices, it’s been seamless sending everything over to my clients. I almost feel dumb for not doing it sooner!


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