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  • 25 February 2021
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When a client visits the site  - Can I set it so they must create an account and confirm their email address in order to view images?  And Require an access code to view?



3 replies

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Hey @CraigStewart! ShootProof does not have a client portal system, which it sounds like you’re describing. In order to access their gallery, you’d need to send them a direct link since you want private settings (based on your other post - if I’m misinterpreting this, let me know). You can send that link from within ShootProof, see how here.

However, you can require an email address to view the gallery, and ShootProof will collect those email addresses in a Gallery Visitors report for you to view. 

For access codes: you can set a gallery-level password, you can set album-level passwords, and you can set a Linked Contact who has additional permissions behind an access code.  

I’ve linked some articles & videos from our help desk to explain these concepts further and get you headed in the right direction. Let me know if this covered what you were wanting!

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Hi Megan,

Thanks for your reply.  

That is disappointing that shoot proof seems to have little in the way of maintaining image integrity.  Is there at least the ability to confirm an email address?  We deal with minors a lot and need to be able to ensure that the people who are accessing images, have permission to do so and that we can identify who has viewed and ordered any given image.   Is there anyway to do this?

Regarding my other post about hiding galleries - well it would be a lot simpler if there was a single access code entry dialog box on the homepage that people could enter the code into rather than having to send publicise an address anymore complicated than our main domain - failing that - can I at least simplify the address to something more user friendly or can I use a link?






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When you say that you deal with minors - are you referring to school photography? ShootProof does have settings for image privacy, it’s just executed differently than you are describing here. Can you give me some more context into your work? 

Interesting idea - I’ve never heard anyone request a code-based entry system like you’ve mentioned. But yes, you can give Galleries custom URL extensions in Gallery > Settings > General under custom link. Understanding to whom and how you currently deliver photos would be helpful in making suggestions, if you don’t mind sharing!



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