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  • 11 September 2020
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Hey there,

I uploaded bulk edited photos from LR and then used the SP slideshow to cull down further. I tried to copy the file names in the favorites back to LR so I can finish editing and re-upload the culled group to SP. However, there’s a hyphen in the file names that, I think, is preventing me from searching the file names in LR. Is there a way to change file names in SP for export? Or is there a way to export file names of “favorites” to a data file? Or other ideas? 

I was using this strategy, but backwards, so it’s not working:


Thanks for any insight!

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Hey @wynne! I haven’t tried this myself, so I’m going to have to test it out. While I’m working on that, here are quick answers to your 2 questions:

First, there is not a way to rename file names within ShootProof. ShootProof is designed to be an online gallery, not an editing or culling tool. In the article you linked, Bryan is using this method specifically to handle his client favorites. 

Second, there isn’t a way to export files names of favorites. 

Is there a reason you upload to ShootProof to cull instead of using the slideshow in LR to cull? Are you doing this step with your clients or on your own?



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