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Best practices for editing lab orders

  • 21 July 2020
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Whether you’re editing a client’s order or making changes to your own, there are a tools on the order page that are easy to miss. Check out these best practices for editing orders like a pro! 

How to remove an item from a lab order

Since we want to preserve all of the order details, there actually isn’t a way to remove an item from the order completely. Instead, you’ll just want to convert the item to self-fulfilled so that it doesn’t go to the lab. Some photographers think they need to cancel the order entirely if a client makes changes after the order is placed. Not true, actually! You can just convert the items to self-fulfilled

  • Open the order page (Commerce > Orders > Click on the specific order)
  • Select the overflow button on the right side of the order page (looks like this “...”) 
  • Choose Convert Items to Self-Fulfilled
  • Once converted, you’ll notice that the item now appears in the Self-Fulfilled tab of the order page. You should notice that your lab costs decrease because if an item is self-fulfilled, it won’t go to the lab. 
  • Note that converting an item to self-fulfilled doesn’t automatically refund the client. More on that next!

How to refund a client

  • Open the order page (Commerce > Orders > Click on the specific order)
  • Select Payment Details > Issue Refund
  • If the order is within 5 days and hasn’t been sent to the lab, you’ll be able to refund the client a partial or full amount. 
  • Enter the amount in the box > Apply Refund. 

How to cancel an order

  • From the order page, change the status drop-down in the top right corner from New to Canceled. 
  • An Order Status Change window will appear
  • You’ll be given the option to email the client, but it’s not required. If you opt to not email the client, uncheck the box “Send Notification Email to Buyer.” 
  • Select Update Status and you’ll be all set.
  • Note that this doesn’t automatically refund the client, so you’ll want to complete that with the steps listed above.

How to replace an image 

Sometimes you’ll need to upload a new file to send to the lab for print. You can easily replace the file right from the order page.

  • Open the order page (Commerce > Orders > Click on the specific order)
  • Under the image thumbnail, select the Replace button. 
  • Once uploaded, look at the Last Modified timestamp to confirm that it was correctly processed.

How to add mounting or surface options

Depending on the lab, you can add various types of mounting or surface textures to your prints, after the order is placed. 

  • Beside each image thumbnail, select Edit Image. 
  • Choose any type of mounting or texture option using the drop-down menus:


For more information about the entire order process, check out this pre-recorded webinar: 🎬 Everything You Need to Know About Fulfilling Orders through ShootProof

As always, our Support team is here to help. Give us call at 866-516-5130 or email us at support@shootproof.com to chat with a Product Support Specialist!


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