Are we able to charge client to access their galleries?

  • 30 July 2020
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Are we able to charge client to access their galleries? I have clients that are accessing their digitally files after years of shooting. I want to be able to charge them a small fee becuase I am hosting and paying    for it for so many years.

1 reply

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People might have different answers for you based on how they structure their business. For me, I set my galleries to expire and a year after their shoot/event date. The galleries automatically archive and the client can’t access them. I send out numerous automated emails through ShootProof to remind them of the gallery expiration date. When a gallery archives, you can pay less to store them on ShootProof than you would a live gallery. That said, when I have clients who request access to photos years later and discover the gallery is archived they usually email and ask to access it and I point them to the contract which states there is a fee to re-instate their gallery. Then I’d just invoice them for that fee and take it out of the archive. You could set this up simply by just setting your galleries to expire and archive automatically on a future date and then send an invoice to a client who wants their gallery reopened.


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