2 part question about new contacts

  1. If a client who is not in our contacts places an order through a gallery website, does shootproof automatically create a contact for that person in shootproof?  I always have to go in and create a new client so I can link them to a gallery later. 
  2. We use Iris-works.  I know that if I create a client and a photo session, it’s linked to shootproof to create a gallery which is awesome!  My question is does it work backwards?  We have people who order pictures who aren’t customers first so they’re not in our system- does shootproof link back to iris to create a contact there?  

Thank for ALL you guys do- we LOVE SHOOTPROOF!!!! 

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Whats up @DaveMcMahan! Great questions. 

  1. Contacts aren’t auto-created. You’ll have to create them. 
  2. From what I know, that does not work backwards, but double-check with Iris. They are the ones who actually built that integration and control it! We created the API, they just connect to it with their integration. I don’t use it myself. Maybe there will be another ShootProofer who has used/uses Iris who can jump in here!

Thanks!! We LOVE you too!!


When we have clients that order prints but aren’t in the system, can ya’ll look at having them auto-added into the client database?  That would be super helpful!

Thanks for all you do!  :)

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@DaveMcMahan that’s not a bad idea at all.  Have you seen the new Share Your Ideas section? If you’ll add your contacts update request there, other users can vote on it and ShootProof product managers can respond, ask questions, and consider it for the roadmap. 


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