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  • 1 June 2020
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Hey friends.  Here’s a question brought about by COVID-19.  

We shoot a large dance studio every year and use paper order forms.  Simple and effective.  However, this year we are encouraged to keep physical contact to a minimum which means no paper forms.  My plan is to send a private gallery to each student (or class) with the options to purchase both digitals and prints of the individual and the team (i.e. Purchase a digital individual AND Team for one price and/or purchase a print package of an individual AND team). In setting up my print packages I cannot determine how to include a team photo with the package.  Surely there’s a way to do this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

5 replies

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Hi @DavidScott,


I think I understand what you are trying to do, but it is a bit hard to follow without seeing how you have everything setup in your packages. Please correct me if I get this wrong. Would it work if you added the team photo to ALL the individual galleries you are setting up, this way you can include the team photo in your packages?




Hey Matt.  Appreciate the time you took to reply.  Let me try to explain it a bit clearer.  Sorry about that.

There will be four simple packages.  For instance, Package 1 includes and individual 8x10, 5x7, and wallets along with a 5x7 team photo.  What I’m working through is only seeing the ability to add the individual to the package and not the team to the package.  Am I missing something?  




Hi David, I shoot a really large dance studio as well and several years ago got rid of paper order forms since it was just one more thing that took a long time to sort out.  Is your issue with the team photo one that you can solve by uploading it into each folder (clicking allow duplicates as you upload). Does that solve the issue with your packages? I still haven't looked into packages for my dance group and I just have the dance studio send out an email with the link to my website and then on my pricing allow digital and print purchases, but only a few sizes.  To add to the confusion, I have done custom memory mates for this studio as long as they have been open (per their request).  Were you able to figure out the team photo with the individual package issue?  I would love to connect with other photographers that shoot dancers or other team sports to see how they go about organizing and setting up their galleries.

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Hi @Happysnapper 

One way you could do it would be this: upload the template and in the blank spaces (where the team photo and individual photos would be) simply add some type there, like, “Team Photo Here” and “Your Athlete’s Photo Here” in the team/individual spaces, respectively. Put this template  image in the description of the 8x10 memory mate in the price list.

That way the parents can see what the template will look like, and they can envision it because the full-size team photo will be in the album along with the individual player’s image.


Oh wow!  I didn’t even know this was an option.  Thank you so much for sharing this!  


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