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  • 16 June 2020
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Is there a way to create items that can only be in the packages without being seen individually in the items cart?

For example, i want to have a package with ‘’box of 50 fine prints’’ that are not visible individually in the cart, just on the packages (the reason is that my lab only allows to print fine prints in groups of 50, 100, 150, 200)


3 replies

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Hi @Hélio Profoto Studios !

You may have found this, but the controls are in the Gallery Settings under Shopping Cart- you would toggle “Offer Packages Only” to show only the Packages and not the a la cart items.


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Thanks @Megan,  Actually, I had already seen this option, but what I wanted was not only sell packages but also some items could be sold à la cart, such as prints, posters, canvases..  The question is some items should be in packages but not appear on the à la carte list 

Hi there, I would like to know the answer too. 

I sell a digital image package with a framed wall gallery included. 

I would like to have the client pick their images for the frames within the package builder. 

To do this I’m guessing I would need to set up prints that cost nothing and add them to the package? 

I do not want these “free” prints to be visible in the a la carte.  However, I do not want a la carte to be turned off.

Any solutions would be greatly received 


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