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  • 28 June 2020
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I have a gallery with multiple clients. Each client is in their own album. 

I would like to offer each client 2 digital downloads for free. (actually it was included in the cost they have already paid me).

I see that I can offer free digitals to a LINKED client; however since I have multiple clients in one gallery that won’t really work.

I see that I can offer free limited digitals to all visitors to a particular album, either with a PIN or without, but unfortunately I will not be able to limit how many total downloads are taken. This is concerning because I don’t want my clients to keep returning to their albums over and over again with different email addresses and downloading more than their 2 allotted digital photos.

I really wish I could limit the TOTAL number downloaded per album, the way I could at the gallery level. Or, alternately, I really wish I could have a linked contact for each ALBUM, not just for each GALLERY.

Another wish would be that I could use a promo code for two free digitals in a price list that also includes packages. Currently that is not possible.

I feel like my ONLY Solution here is to create MULTIPLE GALLERIES and then link my contacts to each gallery. I am hesitating to do this because I also use a CRM and I would like to message ALL my clients at one time (I will have about 25 clients) with the same gallery address, and ask them to then select their album from the single gallery, to view their photos. If I create separate galleries for each client, I will not be able to send out the identical email to every client (i.e. I will have to manually edit 25 separate emails with their unique gallery link).

Is there a solution here that I'm missing?

2 replies


The  solution was to create a single use credit promo code for the amount I charge for a digital image. I gave it to the client and instructed them to use the code after they had selected the digital image they wanted and the amount of that image would be taken off of their total.  I know it would be a pain for you to create 25 different single-use discount codes (and the corresponding emails), but it would be easier than creating  25 different galleries. If you’re doing this often, I would be that there is a way to automate the email side of it, at least. 

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Thank you @Walter Sheehey  for that answer!

I did consider that option, as I know that type of promo code can be used with packages.

Unfortunately I didn’t really want to do that because the clients could, instead, use the code toward purchasing a larger digital package, which I don’t really want to do, because I already discounted the cost of the session so that purchases after the session will add to my income (so I don’t want to ALSO discount the after-session purchase). I hope that makes sense?

one digital file = $40
Three digital files = $100
Twenty digital files = $400

It would be my hope that they would download their two included digitals, then purchase extra items at full price.

I do believe that I read in another thread that if I use a PIN, that will limit the total number of downloads.Once the PIN is used, no more downloads can be used (even if it’s a different visitor using the same PIN).



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