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  • 23 June 2020
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Hi all,

I have created a pricing sheet and added a promo code to allow clients 20 free digital downloads. 

  1. If I set the promo code to 1 time use, that promo code is not available to be used by any other client even in their own gallery
  2. If I set the promo code to unlimited, the same client can keep re-using the code to download 20 different images

How do I set it up so each gallery allows for 20 free digital images without having to create a new promo code for every single gallery?


Thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @Firoz Jokhi Photography!


For this situation, I would remove the promo code and instead use Free Digitals, and set up a rule for the Linked Contact to receive 20 free downloads.  This will allow your main client to download 20 images for free, and then purchase additional images and products from the price sheet! This is what that rule would look like:




Thank you Megan! I’ll play around with this setting. I am assuming this will not let multiple people download 20 images thereby working around the limit? 

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You’re welcome @Firoz Jokhi Photography! That’s correct- that’s the purpose of setting the permission for the Linked Contact- it restricts the free downloads to only the person logged in with the Linked Contact’s email and PIN. To set that up, 

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries > Gallery
  2. Click "Add Contact" to the left and select or create the contact to be linked to the gallery. This is the email address they will need to use when accessing the gallery and give them access to the Free Digitals
  3. Follow the prompts to establish your Linked Contact's access code and privileges. 

Hope that helps! If you have any more questions let me know :) 

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hey @Megan 

Can I add more than one linked contact to a gallery?

For example if I’m shooting a big family with smaller sub-groups, can I add multiple linked contacts so that they can each download a finite number of images?


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