Shootproof Visibility Sprint
Fri, 1 Jul, 13:00 - Sun, 31 Jul, 13:00

Shootproof July Visibility Sprint!

About this event

Welcome to the Shootproof Visibility Sprint!

This is an opportunity for you to become more VISIBILE to your ideal clients, boost engagement on your social posts and increase your inquiries and sales

This event runs from July 1st - July 31st, with prompts for you to use posted daily. All you need to do is: 

  1.  Show up on social media using the prompt given to create content
  2. Include the hashtag #shootproof in your post
  3. Screenshot your post and share in the Photo Coffee Chat section of the community here as proof of posting! 

For those who commit to the challenge, you will be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes too! We’ll also be teaching you how to look at your metrics so you can measure how successful the challenge has been for you!

Are you in? Reach out in the community if you have any questions!

 - Edel 

Shootproof Community Engagement Specialist

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Online event
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Fri, 1 Jul, 13:00 - Sun, 31 Jul, 13:00 (UTC)
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