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  • 20 November 2020
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I want to work in my Lightroom/Photoshop, still learning but for years I have subscribed to PicMonkey and it has advanced and is doing well.  My Lightroom/Photoshop is slow at opening and staying open on my New pc, so I get tired of waiting and just log on to the new version.  It has its disadvantages to getting the lighting right and no using RAW but sometimes I need to quickly clone an area and also change the file size and rename it.  

I recommend it.  Sometimes I make nice art work that looks beautiful on High Gloss Metal or Acrylic that my clients really love.  The first one below was taken in the back seat of the car. She didn’t want to take anymore pictures.  LOL  This is the one that I converted to art with Picmonkey and the parents loved it. The other one came out so beautiful on High Gloss Metal.  



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