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  • 28 May 2021
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Hi, y’all!

Is there a way to disable the payment feature of the shopping cart? I know it sounds silly but I want my clients to be able to use the shopping cart and fill it with all of their items but NOT be able to pay; I invoice outside of Shootproof and self-fulfill all of my order bc I use multiple vendors. Is this doable at all?



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Hi Cristina, 

I am new to the mentor team here at Shootproof and I am going back through unanswered questions to see where I can help out!  If you have a cart set up in Shootproof they will have the ability to make their payment.  However, you can set up your price sheet to be self-fulfill and not connected to a lab.  This saves you the step of having to invoice separately and still allows you to fill the order with any lab you like.  Please let me know if you need any help setting that up!  Here’s a tutorial that may help as well:




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