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  • 22 October 2021
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Hi All


I am new here, so Hello.


Does anyone know of a methods to make a package up of multiple albums being purchased by a client ?

I have one setup for a client to buy a single album, but we offer a fifty percent discount for a second album.

We do event photography and this is for dance festivals, where each individual dance goes into a separate album.


Our biggest sales are one album, two albums or ALL albums that one specific dancer in in.


The All albums is by far our best seller, but it comes with manual verification issues, to ensure that the specified dancer actually is in each dance album.




Bruce Foster


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2 replies

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Hi Bruce,

You can offer this by using a BOGO discount code.  The client must purchase one album to receive 50% off the second album.  Here is a video that should help.  Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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Thanks,  don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s a terrible workaround for a minor issue which should have a simple solution.

I work in event photography, so guests to our gallery would like to make their purchase for one, two or three galleries (etc). and hit download.

We just moved to uploading all photos from the festivals live and in real time.


By the time I explain to a group of complete strangers that they have to buy one and wait for a discount code, they just won’t bother to buy the albums.


Our biggest seller at our dance festivals is always a one album, two albums, three albums or all-albums-of-one-dancer purchase.


They they currently do by coming to see me and writing out a list of albums they would like me to dropbox them.


I do one album for £45

Two albums for £65

Three albums for £80

All albums (of one specific dancer) for £95


We double check the albums selected for the all-albums before sending them out to ensure that they really are all of the same dancer.


I guess I will stick with the current method of writing me a note with the album numbers on it and taking a debit card with a card reader.




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