Turn off sales tax for self-fulfilled digitals (and allow us to sell different #s of digitals besides one or all)

  • 18 October 2021
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When will Shootproof make it possible to sell specific #s of digitals BETWEEN ONE or ENTIRE GALLERY/ALBUM without clients getting automatically charged sales tax on the digital-only purchase?

My only workaround has been to offered tier pricing for “digital packages” (buy 3 for $X, buy 10 for $X and save more, buy 20 for $X and save even more) I set up as “self-fulfilled.” But then I realized Shootproof automatically applies sales tax to these because they’re not set up as “Shootproof-fulfilled digitals”--which only allow us to sell one or all, even though I am still delivering the digitals via Shootproof manually.

I was told Shootproof assumes if we self-fulfill digitals we’re providing them on taxable goods (USB drive, etc.), but that’s not the case--and we have 10.25% sales tax where I live, so digital-only is a real incentive. There is no way to turn off sales tax currently on these “self-fulfilled digitals,” so I either have to tell clients to tell me how many they want and send them an invoice (awkward, cumbersome--when Shootproof is supposed to be a leader in digital fulfillment for photogs). OR I get to apologize for the sales tax and refund it--and it still shows up in Shootproof as sales tax collected since I can’t specifically remove sales tax from my sales records.

Please either make it possible for us to price different quantities in Shootproof-fulfilled digitals or turn off sales tax on self-fulfilled digitals.

Thank you for considering this basic functionality request!


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Hi Shelly, 

I sell differing amounts of digitals and still use the shootproof fulfilled digital option so that my clients are not changed sales tax and can automatically download their images.  I simply create a coupon code for them for the number of digitals included.  For example: If my middle package includes 15 digital images, I provide the client with a coupon code when I send their gallery, which allows them to download 15 images for free.   

It sounds like you want your clients to be able to have different digital package options.  You can set up packages within your gallery to include only digitals and set the number for each package.  These are labeled as shootproof fulfilled digitals and do not add sales tax. 

Check this out to learn how to set up packages:


Thanks, Ashley! I wish someone at Shootproof had been able to explain to me how to do this one of the multiple times I contacted them about the issue! The videos also don’t really show how to do this for digital packages for separate sale (not part of all-inclusive packages a client has already paid for). It would be great to have a video just on this topic. Thanks again!


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You’re very welcome!  Did the video provide you what you were looking for?  The packages set up in shootproof are for additional purchase and not included in a previously collected session fee.  I think you’ve got it sorted now, but if not, please let me know and I will be happy to help! 


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