• 12 November 2021
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I am new to selling my photos. I live in Colorado and plan to use one of the printing companies in another state. Do I need to charge Colorado sales tax? The other state tax? Will the printing company charge their own tax and I don’t have to worry about it? Please help me!!



Best answer by Walter Sheehey 12 November 2021, 21:49

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You charge (and  pay) sales tax based on the location of the transaction.  If you sell a print to someone in your state, you charge (and pay) CO sales tax. This wasn’t in your question, but applies - you’ll want  to get the Certificate of Authority for Sales Tax from your state  and file it with whichever lab you’re using so that you won’t be charged sales tax by the lab (you’ll be sales tax exempt because your passing the sale through to your client). Good luck!


Thank you!I will file for one today. How do I share it with the lab? Will Shootproof help me with that step?



I was able to search for “tax certificate” on my lab’s website and find where to upload it. It was really simple.


Thank you so much Walter! You have relieved so much stress for me! I hope you have a great day!!



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