Someone changed my account information but it wasn't me !

  • 21 October 2021
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I need HELP !! Last night I got an email saying my payment information has been changed but I DID NOT CHANGE IT !! So I clicked the link to notify the support team.. Two minutes later I get an email saying that my email address had been changed on my account BUT I DID NOT CHANGE IT ! So I clicked on the link to send a message to the support team. I then tried to log on to my account and could not log-in.

I then received an email saying that they were transferring $299 out of my shootproof account !

I have left 5-6 voice messages on the voicemail and have sent several emails to the support team, however NO ONE IS GETTING BACK TO ME !!!!

Can anyone reading this message help me out ?

Is there another phone number I can call to get in touch with someone who can help me ?

At this point my website is still up, and it still shows my photos are for sale however I CAN NOT LOG-IN !!

Please help me !!!!

I am not sure if my page has been hacked or what but I can NOT log in.. and they are taking my money out.

Someone PLEASE HELP !!!!!

Darryl Cross

Coach Cross Photography


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Hi Darryl,

I understand that one of our team members has responded to you privately and is advising you on next steps, but I also wanted to reach out here. I am so sorry this has happened and I can understand the level of stress this would cause!

We are hearing similar reports from other studios and our security team is currently investigating. Please know that this email was not sent from ShootProof and that ShootProof will never send you an email that requires you to enter your account credentials from a link in this way. You should avoid clicking any links within this and/or other suspicious emails. If you think that you may have accidentally compromised your account by clicking a suspicious link and/or giving out your account credentials, we strongly suggest that you update your ShootProof account password immediately and let us know that you believe your account is at risk.

Our security team is already at work to identify and address any impact that may have occurred as a result of this phishing email.


Edel - Shootproof team


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