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  • 22 January 2022
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In my state I only need to charge sales tax on the printed products. I offer packages with a set number of prints and varying number of digital files.  While I can invoice this appropriately upfront by creating 2 separate line items(taxable and non taxable), upon gallery delivery Shootproof cannot seem to accommodate this sales tax situation.  I only want it to tax the prints in my package.  Is there anyway to do this? Seems like it should be an option. Or maybe someone knows of a work around? I’ve tried several different price list setups and the system never applies the correct tax.

Customer service suggested I attach a price list with just the prints and create a digital rule in the gallery but that would hinder the client from easily upgrading to a higher digital package if I am restricting them to a certain number in the system. Additionally- do they have to input a PIN for every download? Seems so cumbersome. This should be easier and I have spent WAY too much time trying to figure out a better approach.  Anyone else have this issue?


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Hi Megan, I got in touch with support because I wanted to be sure they have you covered.  It’s really something they need to handle as it is going to be specific to your account.  I was just updated and they said that one of their team members contacted you just a bit ago.  (YAY!  Love Shootproof Support!). I hope they are able to get you sorted, if you need anything else, please let me know :-)


Thank you, Ashley.  Where in the system do you configure the sales tax settings? The only functionality I see is to toggle on and off the tax add to shoot proof fulfilled digitals. Customer services has so far not been able to help me with this issue.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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Hi Megan, I can see how this would be frustrating.  I have my galleries set up in a similar way - they can order their digital files and prints at the same time.  I have them use coupon codes for the number of images they purchase so that I am able to offer an upgrade of the gallery as well.  I do not use PINs and also do not have an issue with sales tax.  I just double checked and it is only charging my client sales tax on the print, not on the digital images in the same cart.  This leads me to believe that is is something in your gallery settings that needs to be tweaked.  I would encourage you to contact support as they can go through your account with you to determine where the issue is coming from. or 866-516-5130


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