Replacing an image in clients order

  • 24 November 2020
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My client has placed an order for a canvas and prints. 
Based on the crop for the canvas and the wrap, I needed to expand the image so it wouldn’t crop off a head. However, I don’t want this same edited image used for the prints, I want the original image used. 

I can’t seem to fix this, it is replacing the image in all of the orders, or not at all. 

3 replies

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In the order, there should be a link under each photo that says “Replace” – that should let you replace each image individually. Is that what you’re using to try to replace the image?



Hi Megan, when I hit replace, it replaces it everywhere. Sorry for the confusion, the client wants to purchase an 8x10 canvas, and then 5x7 and 2x3 prints of the same image. When I replace the image for the canvas, it changes it for the 5x7 and 2x3 wallets as well. 
Do I need to self fulfill this? To make sure the expanded image is only for the canvas and not the prints?

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Ohhhh! I understand now. After chatting a bit with some of my teammates, self-fulfilling this is going to be the best & easiest way to avoid it. 

Alternatively, you could upload the revised photo into the gallery, place a Studio order for the correct item/photo combinations, and mark the now self-fulfilled order as complete.


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