Problems Combining Orders

  • 29 September 2021
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Has anyone else had problems combining orders?  I tried combining 24 orders, and the system hung supposedly because a credit card was bad for 1 or 2 orders.  I tried again combining a different 25 orders, and those payments were all processed, but the system still hung and my orders still are not combined.

I’ve tried the chat, e-mail, and phone route to customer service, but all I’ve gotten is “we’re working on it”. and many of my inquiries have been ignored altogether.  This is my first experience with ShootProof and it is VERY frustrating. 

1 reply

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I dion’t know if I have the same issue as you, but for me, clients are not able to place and order… well come can, some can’t. 

It is the shopping cart page that seems to be causing the issue for me. 



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