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  • 17 June 2021
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I know this has been asked and proposed as an idea multiple times, but is there any plan to provide better payment options for Canadians? I would LOVE to be able to go back to using Stripe or Square (which is what I used before starting with Shootproof) as I’m having a very frustrating time with BrainTree - their Customer Service department takes DAYS to get back to me, which isn’t helpful when I’m trying to get payment issues solved. It looks bad to my clients and reflects poorly on myself and Shootproof. wasn’t an option for me at this point as my income isn’t enough to justify the monthly cost.

PLEASE Shootproof! I’m SO tired of trying to get answers from BrainTree and I’ve only been with Shootproof for a few months. :sob:


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HI Karissa,


I am sorry that Braintree has not been working properly for you.  That sounds super frustrating.  At this time, Stripe has been rolled out to US studios as Shootproof Pay.  The Shootproof team is working through this first iteration of the new system and will possibly look at rolling it out to studios outside the US in upcoming updates.



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Hi @AshleyB !

Thank you for your response. It has been frustrating, especially when “upgrades” and payment options have been rolled out on ShootProof to US customers, but those of us outside the US have been left to very limited payment options. In all honesty, I’ve kept as much as I can for payment off of ShootProof and on other platforms because I prefer working with platforms like Stripe and Square versus BrainTree (which was really my only option when integrating with ShootProof due to my low-volume).

Since I joined ShootProof last year, this is something I can see has been requested for at least two years. It would be nice to have an approximate timeline on new payment integrations for international ShootProof customers. If this is going to take another few years to integrate, I don’t know if it’s worth waiting it out with ShootProof as my business continues to grow.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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