Pay in 3 is now available in your PayPal Checkout

  • 15 June 2022
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The new pay in 3 installments isn’t available on shoot-proof at the moment. Given the current economic climate it might help maintain revenues giving payment options.

Pay in 3 is now available in your PayPal Checkout at no
‌additional cost to your business. It can offer a flexible
‌payment option to your customers and let them pay over
‌time, while you get paid up front.

Pay in 3

With Pay in 3, you can give customers more ways to buy It's included in PayPal checkout at no additional cost Just add messaging so customers know they can Pay in 3.

According to Paypal

57% of consumers are more
‌likely to make a purchase at a retailer offering interest-free payment options

45% of consumers say they can manage their expenses better if they can buy things now but pay for them later.

1 reply

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Yes! I have actually had clients ask me about payment plans several times (6-9) in the last year. I ended up having to do work on a payment plan outside of Shootproof, have them add each item to cart in Shootproof, they pay for it using a different source (PayPal/Venmo/Cash App/etc) and order it manually. Keeping up with if they made their payments and reminders was kinda annoying. Yeah, it worked, but it was a lot of extra steps. Now, you can use things like afterpay or Klarna in most stores. More and more businesses/stores are adding multiple payments as an option and I believe it would be a good move for us too! 


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