My Bank is unble to link!

  • 24 July 2021
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Hello Shootproof Community, 

I’m new here and I need help linking my bank account. When I search for my bank and selected it, the system tells me that there are connectivity problems and to select another bank. Well, I do not have another bank. I need this website up and running ASAP.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I already emailed Support but it’s the weekend. Wondering if there something I’m missing here or another way to set up my bank. Has anyone her had this issue before?  If so, how was this resolved? I don’t want to go open a new account with another bank listed in the options provided. I need the website up and running by Monday. 
Please help!!!

 Thank you all!


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3 replies


How was this issue resolved? I am facing the same problem and I need this resolved asap. 


I had to send several emails to customer support. I was working on this problem trying to solve it before my weekend event. Unfortunately it did not happen so I had to wait until Monday. Some how the website was having problems connecting over the weekend when I was setting up. But I was able to connect my bank account on Monday per set up instructions on website. I hope your issue gets resolved. I know it can be frustrating. Best of luck!

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@GameOnsportsphotos, I am glad you were able to get your account sorted!  @PreetiNair, please reach out to for help with your account.



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