How long do I need to wait for Support??? Cannot take payments through Shootproof. Cannot record a payment.

  • 25 November 2021
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I am so disappointed with the level of support from Shootproof. Now it is really affecting my business at this busy time of year. I have been palmed off to Braintree, I have been told an issue has been escalated to the development team and days between sending an email and receiving a reply. I cannot take payments through Shootproof in the shopping cart, clients cannot pay an invoice with credit card and I cannot record a payment of an invoice in my system - even if it is just a record of payment through the cash / check option. Even if a client is purchasing a ‘free’ item through the checkout (so they are not prompted for credit card details as there is nothing to process) they click on the Place Order - nothing happens. I have one mini session to do this week - that I desperately need to have available for clients in an online gallery - but its useless if I cant take payments, and I will have to set up a different gallery system. As I explained in my emails to support I do not believe Braintree is the issue with all of this - as even when I try to add a payment record to an invoice that does not involve the Braintree gateway I cannot do it. And even so - when the client tries to ‘Place Order’ surely Shootproof can return some message to indicate there is an issue. The button literally does nothing. If there is an issue with Braintree and Shootproof interface - surely Shootproof should be working with them ensuring that their integrations are working properly - not expecting a client to be doing all the troubleshooting to determine why the systems aren't working properly. Especially when more than one client is experiencing the issue. **Edited - Darbie has replied to one of the issues - but they are still fact-finding and no resolution.**


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Hi JackandPurdy, 

I am so sorry to hear that you have been having issues with payments. You are correct that this issue has been escalated to the development team. The support team are the best people to deal with this issue rather than here in the community as they have already created a ticket for this issue and escalated it, but I will check back in with them to see if there are any further developments that I can report back to you. I apologise for the inconvenience and impact this issue is having for you. 

 - Edel


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