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  • 5 August 2022
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Hi Shootproof,

Attached are two screenshots showing a client purchase of an 8x6 print in the UK.  The price I put on the print was £4. The client eventually paid £8.90 (over double the advertised price), and, as the studio to ensure the sale went ahead, I paid £7.80 to send it to the print shop.

On further inspection of the sale, I discovered two things, both of which I believe are forbidden in the UK:

1 - The cost of sales was £1.12, postage was £4.90 (which in of itself is exorbitant), totalling £6.02.  VAT charged on the sale was ALSO calculated on the postage cost, meaning that I paid £1.20 in VAT - more than the actual print itself!  I don’t believe this is allowed - VAT should be on cost of sales ONLY, NOT postage.

2 - The line underneath the final total of £7.80 demonstrates a 3.9% and £0.30 additional charge for the use of a credit card.  As I understand it, in the UK businesses are not allowed to pass on credit card fees to the consumers.  Therefore I also think that this is not allowed.

All this means that I calculate the total amount I SHOULD have paid in ensuring this sale went through was the cost of sales, the VAT on the cost of sales and the postage ONLY - totalling £6.24 - a full £1.56 less than the sum I did actually pay

If this has happened on every print sale I’ve ever made through Shootproof, someone somewhere owes me quite a lot of money.

Additionally, circling back to the postage - how does the postage for a single 8x6 photograph cost £4.90 - nearly £5?!  This means that the client literally paid double the initial list price of a photo.  How is this right?

I’m pretty angry about all these things.  I know the sums of money involved are tiny, but scaled up, I’m beginning to think we are being taken for mugs.  Additionally, Shootproof, I think you are breaking the law in some shady trading practices - I’m not sure of this, I’m just a lowly photographer and certainly no lawyer, so can someone please explain all this to me and put me back in my box?

Many thanks



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Hi @Ed Lloyd Owen 

Can you please write in to with this inquiry? Someone on the team will be able to provide some more information about this, and offer some insight. Since this is an order/account specific issue, I’m going to close this for commenting.

Talk soon!

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