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  • 26 July 2021
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Hi all

I mainly do sports photography, and have multiple galleries various teams will be in throughout a season. Teams will select a large number of favourites, how can a client easily move large numbers of favourites to their cart?


so far it appears a client has to select each individual photo again in the cart?

any help would be appreciated. 


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Hi @NigelWenck! There is a way for clients to order all of their Favorites, but you’ll need to turn on the “Buy All” setting in their shopping cart first. Go to Photos > Galleries > Settings > Shopping Cart > turn on Buy All > Save. 

Now your clients can click Favorites at the top of their gallery, then click the Buy All button. They’ll select the print size they’d like to purchase, and then Add to Cart. All of the Favorites will go into the cart.

Hope that helps!


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