Does Shootproof automatically send clients a courtesy email notification as contacts and invoices approach their due date?

  • 13 September 2021
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I have had several clients lately who have missed their due dates for signing contracts and paying invoices. Does Shootproof automatically notify them via email the day before or so before the contract or invoice is due? Is there something I'm missing when creating contracts and invoices that I should be checking in order for a courtesy email reminding clients of a quickly approaching due date?


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6 replies

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Hi @Penney! While we don’t automatically send out emails on your behalf, you can create an email campaign to send reminders to clients about upcoming or late payments. Here’s a tutorial on setting that up.

For contracts, I typically just email them directly after a few days to be sure they received it :)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Not sure if the person responded is part of the community or works for Shootproof but we actually can’t set up email campaigns for upcoming payments. I’ve been griping about it for a while. Unfortunately we can only set up an email campaign for the final payment due. Not the installments which we really really need.

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Yes I have also tried using the campaign and its cumbersome. Not sure who has or hasn't got this turned on as everyone appears on the list as an option even if I have chosen them previously. Cant there be an automated process to send reminders etc?

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@TomCullen so I do have it turned on but they are cumbersome as you mentioned and don’t necessarily work as advertised. For example you can’t have a gallery or invoice linked to more than one email campaign. So say you have several reminders you like to send out for like an expiring gallery like one at 10 days and then one at 5 days, you would need to assign the 10 day campaign first and then after the 10 day campaign passes go back in and then assign the 5 day campaign to it. Pretty dumb but it’s all we’ve got.

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Hi @KhiaRoss! You can set up a single campaign with multiple emails in it, and you can set them up as reminders based on the final due date (see screenshot).

You can also use date-based email campaigns to send on specific dates rather than x days before final payment due, but I just prefer to send them based on the due date.

For the gallery example you gave, you can create a single campaign with 2 sending 10 days, then another sending 5 days before expiration. That way you don’t have to go back and assign a new campaign after the first one sends.  Here’s a video that shows you how to set that up. Reach back out if you have questions - I’m happy to help you figure out the most efficient way to set it up!


@TomCullen  You’re right, the invoice campaign can be a bit cumbersome to set up. The one in the screenshot attached took me about 10 minutes, but it does have 6 emails, including a few “past due” reminders that will send if the invoice isn’t paid on time. The downside is that I would have to create a new campaign for every invoice I create that has a unique due date, so if you’re using lots and lots of invoices, it could get tedious! But I’m OK with spending 10 minutes up front because it saves me from having to track down clients each time a payment is due. :)

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