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  • 30 October 2021
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I was trying to combine 25 orders into one when I noticed that the Combining Orders loading bar had stayed on my screen for more than half an hour to about a full hour. I wasn’t sure if it needed that much time to load all the combined orders into one, but I was receiving emails at the same time that the cards were officially being charged from me combining the orders.

Nothing happened though and my orders are currently still in “awaiting studio” mode even after I had clicked on “Combine Lab Orders”. I don’t know if re-combining the orders still cause the cards on file to be charged again so I’m looking for guidance on what I’m supposed to do. I thought perhaps it was too much and tried combining another 16 orders I had waiting as well and the same thing happened.

I’ve sent an email and tried calling for help, so I’m hoping someone can let me know what to do next so I can send orders to the lab properly. Everyone on my list is now considered PAID so if I try to combine orders again, will it charge them again or not?


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This is happening to me right now, did you get it resolved?


Same. I closed it and came back and it said it had sent to printer. Just a heads up that I placed that order 10 days ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. Shootproof is ‘apologizing on behalf of ProDPI’ but my other orders that I placed through proDPI came in a timely manner so I call major bs.


This is what happened to me when I tried to combine 15 orders into one. The Combining Orders loading bar stayed on my screen for more than an hour. I received emails at the same time that the cards were officially being charged. I ended up refreshing the page to get rid of the loading bar. All the orders were marked as paid, but they were still labeled as Awaiting Studio and there was no new combined order. I selected all 15 of the order boxes and again hit Combine Orders for the 2nd time, confirmed that they cannot be separated once combined and then it loaded for a few seconds. There was a new mega order at the top of the list called MyStudioName order and when I clicked into it there were all the combined print orders. The rest of the orders in the list went from Awaiting Studio to dashed out line status. They were still marked paid and no client was double charged. From there I was able to send to the printer as usual (start approval, okay crops/shipping/color correction/etc). I use Blackriver Imaging and the order shows as shippped next day in my shootproof dashboard. Hope this helps others!

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I just talked with support and they said that when combining orders, it was prompting the system to also create a zip file with all of the images.  This wouldn’t affect your order except that it could have contributed to the time-out.  They are pushing a fix for it today.


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