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  • 19 July 2021
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I try to sell some extras through the galleries, like albums, triplexes, calendars and so on. My problem is that the presentation of these extra products is easy to catch for the customers. They all appear under a summary category “Einzelprodukte” (that means single products in German) and in a second step the customer has to decide for what product he wants and often in a third step to decide for the particular item. Many of my customers are not aware of what is available because they never click on “Einzelprodukte” and even if they do so they find the process too tedious to finalize the purchase.

I would love to have a more comprehensive presentation of all these extras. Would this be possible? I have the impression that I’m missing out quite a bit of business because it’s too difficult for the customers.



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4 replies

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Hi @AnaWerner! Would it help if you were to re-order categories on your price sheet so that category was more prominently displayed? You can drag and drop them to be in any order :)

Or are you asking for the client to see all of the categories on the screen at once? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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thank you very much for your reply. I already knew this but it doesn't work for me, I need all the products that are for sale to be clearly visible, so that the customer can see all the options from the start.


Best Regads




I agree, I want to drop IPS, but keep all my products.  However the presentation in shoot proof is not great


For example, I carry about 10 reclaimed wood frames.

I would like to have a section for “Reclaimed Wood Frames”  (already exists).  Then the ability to list the ten options with a nice photo of the product so people can choose the frame they want, then have a variety sizes to choose from. 


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