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  • 21 July 2022
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is there a way to breakdown charges for a gallery so just like when i make an invoice and i can breakdown  a charge like Photos $1, Aerial photos $2, Video $3 for a total of $6 instead when the client pays now they can only see total=$6 for services, i might be missing how to do this if its already a way to do it but i find it very difficult to breakdown the charges so the customer can see exactly what they are paying for when they click buy package on a gallery. Maybe someone can point me to some instructions. i can do this with no problem on “invoices” cant i attached an invoice to a gallery instead and have the customer pay for the invoice then have access to the gallery one paid.


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2 replies

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Hey @RickyBatista 

There’s not a way to show an individual/itemized cost breakdown using the Packages tool in your Price Sheets. It only shows the client the Total Package Price vs the Total Value (ie: the ala carte total). As a workaround, you could add a package description with those breakdowns though.


If that’s not what you meant, can you elaborate a bit more about your workflow and what you’re looking to do? 


Keep me posted!

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I appreciate your response. Well at least i know that i am not doing something wrong. It would be nice if it showed a breakdown like you can when you do an invoice but for know i guess i will just wait to see if it gets implemented sometime. 


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