Anyone else having trouble with accepting invoice payments?

  • 19 October 2020
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I’m getting an error code everytime. Shootproof and Paypal point the finger at each other in my case giving me the run around.


Shootproof only require the zipcode and paypal require the entire address. Shootproof say talk to Paypal and of course Paypal say talk to shootproof. Seems like once you connect the two it shouldn’t be an issue.



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5 replies

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No. We have never had an issue but… we have the money going straight into our bank account. Not Paypal.

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@Leetric I haven’t had this issue with ShootProof, but I have had issues with PayPal on a different platform recently. I’m sorry you’re having this problem. Depending on your location, you should have another payment gateway option to shift to while you’re sorting this out! 


Hi @Leetric I am having the same issue I think. I had trouble getting past the API credential but finally sorted. Now paypal payment pro is open on my shootproof.  

However, my first client who tried to pay her invoice by card told me that she received an error message. I ran some tests and indeed I ran into the same error message:

“The payment could not be processed. Payment gateway responded with”: some codes after this and

“There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a complete billing address”. 

I think you are right Paypal requires a complete billing address and ShootProof only gives the postcode.

I haven’t contacted ShootProof or Paypal about this yet as I have just found out.


Did you managed to find a solution?




I have the exact same problem is Australia.

paypal is the only payment gateway i can use.

a customer can use a card to purchase items, but the same card gets the error message you described when paying an invoice.

paypal are saying its a legislation issue in australia, but will allow paypal customers to pay an invoice.

yet shootproof will not add a “pay with paypal” option.

why am i paying fees to both shootproof and paypal when neither are helping me.

please fix



Thank you everyone. Paypal was a option but it didn’t work correctly for me. I contacted both companies and neither one could give a me straight answer. They pointed the finger at each other leaving me no other choice but to roll with what works and theys shootproofs option. 


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