Any tips on what to add as mark up?

  • 10 September 2021
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Hi all

I’m fairly new here and am working on pricing but find it quite difficult to know what to add in terms of mark up.

Obviously I need to add VAT, postage,Shootproof and paypal fees and still make a profit. Been looking around other pet photography websites to try and get an idea.

How do you all work this out? I’m in the UK so only have Loxley Colour.






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2 replies

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Hi @ShirleyBartlett! I’m in the US, so I’m afraid I won’t be a big help, but just wanted to chime in to suggest running your cost of doing business to see what you’ll need to make from each session in order to maintain a profitable and sustainable business. Then you can figure out what to charge for a session fee and/or products. 

Remember that the lab is charging YOU for a piece of paper with ink on it, but you’re charging clients for your art, time, expertise, insurance, taxes, running your business, etc...Good luck!

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Hi @ShirleyBartlett,

Here is a really good resource to help you calculate your cost of doing business. Hope this helps!




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