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  • 21 June 2022
  • 2 replies

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Hi Would it be possible to create album specific pricing lists.  Where I create and album for portraits and and album for class and group photos it would be great to be able to set separate pricing list specific to these separate school albums.

2 replies


I misunderstood your question at first.  Now I see that you are posting both individual portraits and group photos in the same gallery. I see your point now.

However,   I humbly submit that there would be an issue if 2 different price lists … each person needs to order and pay for one kind before ordering and paying for the other plus there’s no ability to create a package deal that includes both unless you add duplicates in a third, combined, album.


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Hi @StevanBorthwick 


Currently, Price Sheets are only applicable on the Gallery Level, but I can definitely see how this would be helpful. It looks like we have an idea submitted similar to this that you can vote on here: 


If it doesn’t sound exactly like what you are looking for, I’d recommend adding any additional context and feedback there as a comment! 


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