Added items to gallery after order placed

  • 18 January 2022
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Wondering about this, I have a gallery where there is a purchase all option.

-customer has made an order, all downloads for $$$

-customer sees and downloads. 

-We upload more images to gallery and a separate album, all are in same gallery though.

-customer seemingly has to purchase again to download new images.??


Is there a setting I’m missing or process to make this happen?

Wanting to allow customer to download all files old and new. 







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Hi Paul, 

If the customer has already paid for all downloads, and you simply want to provide the customer access to download the additional files at no extra charge, you can change digital download settings in the gallery itself, which will then allow the customer to download all images without having to add to shopping cart. I hope this helps answer your question! :) 

 - Edel 


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