Account Hacked! PLEASE HELP

  • 21 October 2021
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I have been desperately trying to reach someone as my account was hacked this morning and over the last 2 hours have been receiving emails from my clients thinking they are being charged. I can no longer access my account and need to create a new profile to post here.  No one is getting back to me and in the meantime have no idea how much has been taken from my account.  PLEASE help. I feel sick. 


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Hi Emily, I am so sorry to hear this. We are hearing similar reports from other studios and our security team is currently investigating. We understand that an email was sent to some studios which contained a link asking studios to verify their account information. Please know that this email was not sent from ShootProof and that ShootProof will never send you an email that requires you to enter your account credentials from a link in this way. You should avoid clicking any links within this and/or other suspicious emails. It sounds like you have already reached out to support, but if you haven’t already, please email our support team and let them know that you believe your account is at risk. Our security team is already at work to identify and address any impact that may have occurred as a result of this phishing email.




Hi.  I emailed support immediately when it started almost 3 hours ago and in the meantime continue hearing from my clients that they are receiving odd emails, possibly charging them. I need at the very least my account froze right now so nothing else can be send out or charges to people.  I cannot access my original account at all(this one I just created) PLEASE help me. 


@Betsy Assistance at this point is greatly needed as I have yet to hear from anyone. My first email was at 7:57am. 

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Hi Emily, 

I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to this thread - I’ve checked in with support and I believe they’ve already emailed you. The team are working hard to resolve the current issues and support will be able to assist you with rectifying your account. Thanks for your understanding.

 - Edel


I have been out of the office this past week.  This morning I am going through my emails.  I am unable to reach the “updated terms and conditions” link.  It doesn’t matter which browser I use.  Currently, I do not accept payment through Shootproof.  Is this why I am unable to reach the link?  I can’t seem to find any terms and conditions attached to my account.  

Thank you for your response.

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@ConnieSnow Please do not click the link in that email. It was not sent by ShootProof. Please see this update and reach out to our support team if you believe your account has been impacted.


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