Tip of the Week: Use Music to Create Wonderful Experiences for your Clients!

  • 18 March 2022
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Tip of the Week: Use Music to Create Wonderful Experiences for your Clients!
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There aren’t many jobs out there where we actively HOPE our clients cry once we deliver our product, right? 

But as a wedding and portrait photographer, my aim is to deliver galleries that upon opening, are met with gasps of joy and tears of happiness. I want my clients to think back on their wonderful session, the memories they made, and look at each photo as capturing a precious moment in time saved forever as a priceless keepsake. 

Now it’s true that a photog can tell a thousand words… but when faced with a client whose hands are firmly clutched around their wallet holding it closed as they cast a critical eye over each photo to narrow down to their chosen package…. well, sometimes the emotional element of their gallery can become a little lost. 

Until, that is, I decided to uplevel my client experience: Enter…. Music Plans! 

Music evokes something in the soul that inspires, and can instantly transport us to a different place, time and emotion. (Think of how the most successful TikTok videos utilize trending music clips… there’s a reason for that!) 

So it would be crazy NOT to take advantage of this very same thing for our businesses. EVERY gallery I send out now has a curated song list attached to it (I save these as preset song lists so I am not searching for my favorite songs every time!) 

Be it a wedding album, a family session or a cute cake smash, the music playlist allows my client to open their gallery, sit back and take in the entire viewing as an experience to remember in itself. 

They fall deeper in love with their photos, and that tight grasp on their wallet is now outstretched as they reach for the tissues, and ask how they upgrade their gallery for ALL the photos. 

Want to know more about the Music Plan? Read all about it here: 


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