Setting Rules for Digital Image Downloads

  • 10 January 2022
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Setting Rules for Digital Image Downloads
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Take Control of Your Digital Images by Using Digital Download Rules in Your Gallery

Have you ever had a client download more images than were included in their package?  Or maybe you used to provide all the digitals, but now you’ve got a plan to include a specific number and upsell the rest?  Either way, the key here is allowing a specific number of digital downloads for each client gallery. 

With Shootproof, this is easily achieved and can be done by setting the correct digital download rules in your gallery settings. 

You can also use digital download rules to provide social media sized images if that is part of your business model, or if you have a branding client who needs web-sized images for use on their website and social media. 


If you’re curious about how to set those up and help put you in a position to bring in additional income with your digital sales, check out this week’s webinar: Take Control of Downloads with Digital Rules.  Sign up here to join us!

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