Replacing Files Prior to Confirming Print Orders

  • 27 December 2021
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Replacing Files Prior to Confirming Print Orders
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To Print This Image as an 8x10 It Needs a Wider Margin

Did you know that you can replace files once a client has ordered a print product?  This feature is one of the ways that clients receive a better experience and product when ordering through me.  

When they place their order, I go into Shootproof to approve their order.  Sometimes, they will have chosen a crop factor that doesn’t go well with the way that I delivered the photo.  This most often happens when they order an 8x10 as they lose a portion of the photo on each horizontal edge.  

In this case, I hop back into LR and more often than not, I can recrop the image to 8x10 and keep the important portions of the photo that would have been cropped out on the original order.  I then swap in that file for the one they ordered and the client receives a perfectly fitted image!

1 reply


Hi Ashley, 

This is the exact scenario I am dealing with right now. I’m trying to replace the image that is resized for an 8x10, but it’s not uploading. Is there more to this? I’m assuming I’m simply clicking on “replace” and then “browse for image” to switch to a new image. Thoughts? 




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